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Thu 08/12 KPBI - West Palm Beach, FL, United States / UTC -04:00 DST KSAV - Savannah, FL, United States / UTC -05:00
Departure Enroute Arrival Distance Avg. Spd. Max. Spd. Max. Alt. Fuel
(NM) (KT) (KT) (FT) (USG)
Estimated 20:00 (+1 00:00Z) 02:12 21:12 (+1 02:12Z) 331 35
Actual 19:51 (23:51Z) 02:14 21:05 (+1 02:05Z) 344 154 191 7,082


From: Morristown, New Jersey
Date: Thursday August 12, 2004 at 22:46 EDT
By: Steve Pellettiere

I have been talking to Ed and Dick today and I am happy to report that they have left Port of Spain and have arrived in West Palm Beach Florida early this Thursday evening 08-12-04. After taking a break, I suggested that they put some distance between themselves and Tropical Depression Bonnie over South Carolina and almost Category 3 Hurricane Charley over Northwest Cuba. So on they flew Thursday evening into Savannah, Georgia. The current plan is to stay to the west of the bad east coast weather on Friday and schedule an arrival in Manville on Saturday. I think Ed and Dick will most likely contact you on Friday.

From: Flemington, New Jersey
Date: Monday August 16, 2004 at 20:02 EDT
By: Richard Sollner
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Being advised to leave Florida promptly to stay ahead of Charley we continue on to Savannah, GA. We arrive to the remnants of Bonnie and are greeted with a four hundred foot ceiling and a mile visibility. Ed is proud of his faultless approach. We check into the Quail Run Lodge, a short walk from the FBO. The restaurant closed, we order a pizza from Domino's delivered to the room. After only two muffins all day it had to be good.

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