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Thu 08/12 TTPP - Port Of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago / UTC -04:00 KPBI - West Palm Beach, FL, United States / UTC -05:00
Departure Enroute Arrival Distance Avg. Spd. Max. Spd. Max. Alt. Fuel
(NM) (KT) (KT) (FT) (USG)
Estimated 08:00 (12:00Z) 09:33 16:33 (21:33Z) 1,434 153
Actual 08:23 (12:23Z) 10:21 17:44 (22:44Z) 1,511 146 174 10,762

Expected Weather: Piarco, Trinidad to Charleston, South Carolina

By Steve Pellettiere

The weather conditions on this leg are subject to conditions over the Caribbean frequently a spawning ground of later day embedded thunderstorms. On the other hand, the area has an even chance of being weather free. This area lies right in the middle of the Atlantic-Caribbean Hurricane region (during hurricane season). Weather information however is plentiful and timing of this leg should alleviate any weather problems that arise.


Temperature in Charleston, South Carolina Low: 72F, High: 89F
July Precipitation 6.6 Inches
Winds Aloft at 7,000 to 10,000 Feet From the east at 20 MPH


From: Flemington, New Jersey
Date: Monday August 16, 2004 at 20:02 EDT
By: Richard Sollner

The Pool Terrace Restaurant was closed and rather than eat in the upscale restaurant again we opt to go downtown to the TGI Fridays. Menu and prices just about the same as Stateside. Pretty good food.

With Hurricanes Bonnie and Charley in the Florida area we thought about nonstop Trinidad to Morristown, NJ. The distance is less than 2,000 NMs. Why not?

Thursday morning after an eight o'clock departure we head up for New Jersey. As we approach Puerto Rico we get a message from Skyplan. We are to clear Customs no further north than Wilmington, NC. Homeland Security? We change our destination to ILM and are recleared via Grand Turk and the Bahamas. As we approach ABACO (AR-3 airway intersection about 100 NM East of West Palm Beach) we inquire about the weather north to Wilmington. We are told our proposed route on AR-3 is closed because of severe weather associated with Bonnie. We are then cleared to Fort Pierce, FL to clear Customs. Ten minutes later we get a message that Customs closes in twenty minutes and we are to go to West Palm Beach where they have 24 hour Custom Service. At PBI we are quickly cleared by two fine gentlemen Inspectors.

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Photo Courtesy of Ed or Dick
Approaching Puerto Rico
Photo Courtesy of Ed or Dick
Santa Isabel, south shore of Puerto Rico
Photo Courtesy of Ed or Dick
Ponce, south shore of Puerto Rico, and its airport (TJPS)
Photo Courtesy of Ed or Dick
Grand Turk and its airport (MBGT)
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