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Fri 08/06 FOOL - Libreville, Gabon / UTC +01:00 DGAA - Accra, Ghana / UTC +00:00
Departure Enroute Arrival Distance Avg. Spd. Max. Spd. Max. Alt. Fuel
(NM) (KT) (KT) (FT) (USG)
Estimated 09:00 (08:00Z) 04:20 12:20 (12:20Z) 652 70
Actual 10:33 (09:33Z) 05:50 15:23 (15:23Z) 811 139 167 8,611

Expected Weather: Libreville, Gabon to Accra, Ghana

By Steve Pellettiere

The weather conditions on this leg begin to get a little more interesting as finally some suggestion of precipitation is suggested by the averages, still only one inch rainfall per month means most of the time the weather is dry.


Temperature in Accra, Ghana Low: 66F, High: 86F
July Precipitation 1 Inch
Winds Aloft at 7,000 to 10,000 Feet From the west at 6 MPH


From: Port of Spain, Trinidad ?
Date: Wednesday August 11, 2004 at 13:47 EDT
By: Ed or Dick
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Friday out to the airport for a nine o'clock departure direct to Accra. After engine startup clearance delivery denied us the direct overwater route because we were a single engine aircraft. It is hard to imagine since we had crossed part of the Atlantic, all of the South Pacific and Indian Ocean. By taking the overland route we were taken over countries we never would have seen, such as Equatorial Guinea, Cameroon, Nigeria, Benin and Togo. Incidentally, each little nation has its own Air Traffic Control Center making communications a task. Arriving a Accra we were met by Enoch Anane-Tabury, from Aero Gem Ltd, our handler, whisked through the terminal to our hotel The Golden Tulip. Very nice.

Skyplan suggested that the stop after Natal be Tobago rather than Trinidad because of accommodations. Fuel availability is also a concern. Things should firm up soon.

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Photo Courtesy of Ed or Dick
Ready to leave Libreville
Photo Courtesy of Ed or Dick
Climbing from Libreville, the airport under the wing tip
Photo Courtesy of Ed or Dick
Five hours into the flight, we are passing over Lome, the capital of Togo. Tall building is "Hôtel du 2 Février"
Photo Courtesy of Ed or Dick
We're in Accra
Photo Courtesy of Ed or Dick
Busy street in Accra. When there is no elbow room, head transportation is a necessity
Photo Courtesy of Ed or Dick
Usual balancing act, very good for posture
Photo Courtesy of Ed or Dick
Dick showing restrained jubilation
Photo Courtesy of Ed or Dick
Ed's unbridled enthusiasm for water
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