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Sat 07/24 YBCS - Cairns, QL, Australia / UTC +10:00 YBRM - Broome, WA, Australia / UTC +08:00
Departure Enroute Arrival Distance Avg. Spd. Max. Spd. Max. Alt. Fuel
(NM) (KT) (KT) (FT) (USG)
Estimated 07:00 (-1 21:00Z) 09:00 14:00 (06:00Z) 1,350 144
Actual 09:01 (-1 23:01Z) 09:27 16:28 (08:28Z) 1,350 143 177 6,436

Expected Weather: Cairns, Australia to Broome, Australia

By Steve Pellettiere

The weather conditions on this leg over northern Australia should be generally weather free.

This is the driest time of year in from Cairns to Broome, so very few weather encounters are expected.


Temperature in Port Hedland Low: 54F, High: 80F
July Precipitation 0.4 Inch
Winds Aloft at 7,000 to 10,000 Feet From the east at 13 MPH


From: Broome, Western Australia
Date: Sunday July 25, 2004 at 03:01 EDT
By: Ed Galkin and Dick Sollner
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Saturday off to airport for our trip to Broome. Captain Norty was most helpful with our flight planning and Customs. Thanks Norty.

Our flight took us across the northern part of Australia from East to West. The interior is desolate wastelands with almost zero population. The beautiful coastal lands make quite a contrast. The flight took 9 hours and thirty minutes.

Landed at Broome a small resort city on the Indian Ocean, a jewel of a city. Checked into the Palms Resort Hotel arranged by our booking agent Margaret Gill. Town almost filled with vacationing visitors. Dinner at 6 PM and to bed by nine.

Sunday morning off to airport for fueling. After fueling was greeted by airport representative Steve Lewin who is making arrangements for an FOP interview with the local news media. Then off to the Met for a weather outlook for our tomorrow mornings departure to Cocos.We hope the forecast tail winds of 25 knots materialize. Thanks Met Officer Roelof Hoebee for the tail winds. His restaurant recommendation of Matso's was excellent.


Ed and Dick (and Mardiah - the best secretary in the world!)

Photo Courtesy of Ed or Dick
Norton is here to wish us Farewell as we depart for Broome
Photo Courtesy of Ed
The I.F.O.P.A. banner flies again at Broome airport
Photo Courtesy of Ed
With Broome airport representative
Photo Courtesy of Ed
With Met Officer Roelof Hoebee
Photo Courtesy of Dick
Ed with Roelof Hoebee, one eye on the web site, the other on the soccer game. The weather can wait.
Photo Courtesy of Ed or Dick
Broome beach at sunset
Photo Courtesy of Ed or Dick
Ed dips his toes in the Indian Ocean at Broome
Photo Courtesy of Ed or Dick
Except for the sunset on the Ocean, this could be North Carolina...
Photo Courtesy of Ed or Dick
"Jet Girl" and guitarist Rob. Great entertainment!
From: Walvis Bay, Namibia
Date: Friday August 06, 2004 at 12:48 EDT
By: Ed Galkin and Dick Sollner

After the last report we went for a toddy at Matso's to catch the PM entertainment. "Jet Girl" was the performer with her backup guitarist Rob. Jet was a Janet Joplin admirer and used her style. She did a great job and is hoping to make it big. Good luck Jet we think you have the makings. Then to Frangipanis for dinner. Very good.

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