Whitney and Lindsey's Flight

Whitney and Her Friend Lindsey Take Off in "Flight For The Cure" Aircraft

Sunday, May 16, a small group assembled in the morning at Central Jersey Regional airport in Manville, New Jersey, to give Whitney Weldon and her friend Lindsey a flight in the aircraft poised to fly around the world. Crew members Ed Galkin and Dick Sollner were there along with family and friends. Whitney brought her parents with her, Hillary and Bill, since her brother wasn't available to watch them.

The weather was cooperating as Ed briefed his passengers, Whitney and Lindsey in the back, and Whitney's Dad, Bill, in the co-pilot seat. After a short taxi and run-up, they took off and headed for Staten Island, the Verazzano Bridge and the New York Upper Bay for a look at the Statue of Liberty. A short flight back and a smooth landing later, all were back on the ground with a big smile on their faces.

Photo Courtesy of Weldon Family
Whitney and Lindsey
Photo Courtesy of Weldon Family
Ed explains the fine points of flight to an incredulous audience
Eager to go
Hillary holds the door to Ed as Dick looks on
Ed ready to go, Bill in the right seat
Ready to taxi
Takeoff on runway 25
Dick, Ed and Bill

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