fop kids
Photo Courtesy of Gaby Ponte

Jocelyn Paola Trujillo Yaro

She was born in April 1, 1993 in Lima and when she was 6 years she had some problems with her neck, then she was diagnosed congenital torticollis, and she was operated. She was also born with the characteristic of FOP people, her toe aimed inward.

Since then she became to got some bumps in her back with green stains. In June 1999 Dr. José Luis French diagnosed FOP.

Now, she is 11 years old and she is having some problems with her arms and also with her legs. Everyday is more difficult to walk by herself.

Jocelyn is studying the 6th year of primary school and she loves natural sciences. She is always in the top three position in her class. She also likes movies and a Puerto Rican singer called Chayanne. She has one brother called Fernando and a sister called Evelyn.

Maria Claudia Tejada Rengifo

She was born in April 10, 1997 and when she was three months she got a bump in her head, so she was operated. Later when she was 10 months she got another bump in her shoulder and it began to grow covering her back and her neck.

Since then she spent some time in Edgardo Rebagliatti Hospital (a Social Security Hospital). Between 1997 and 1999 doctors made some research about her illness, she got 5 biopsies and, when she was 2 years old, Dr. José Luis French diagnosed FOP. She was also operated of her toe.

Now, she is 7 years old and a new process of FOP is progressing in her, this one is developing in her chest, so she has many problems to breath (she has to use an oxygen mask at nights). Weather in Lima is also a problem (100% of humidity) so she got many colds and pneumonia.

She is studying the 1st year of primary school and got many prizes in school English competitions; she also loves math and likes to watch Bob the Sponge on TV. She has two sisters, María Teresa and María Fernanda.

Photo Courtesy of Gaby Ponte

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