We would like to thank all of our friends and family, who have assisted us in so many ways to make this adventure possible, particularly Bobbie, Ed's wife, and Karina, Dick's companion, for their loving support, encouragement and cautions, without which, this endeavor would not have been possible.

Our special thanks go to the following individuals and organizations for their key contributions:

Name Contribution
We want to thank Jeppesen for supporting the "Flight for the Cure" and for their sponsorship. They are supplying us with a worldwide coverage of their JeppView Electronic Airway Manual Service, providing us with all the necessary aviation charts needed to plan and fly this trip.
Skyplan is helping us with the logistics for this flight at our destination airports, including flight planning, weather briefing, NOTAM's, permits, fuel and arranging for ground handling. Some things are hard to do by yourself from far away, and logistics is one of them, so we are extremely thankful for their supporting us and the "Flight for the Cure".
Dr. James Albani Ed's dental practice partner, who is going to work double duty while Ed is gone.
Marty Balk An old friend, Marty helped us with his avionics expertise and installation of a High Frequency (HF) radio transceiver, which is needed on transoceanic flights. Marty is an owner of Accu-Scan Imaging.
Dr. John Coale Our long range fuel tanks, which are an essential part of our endeavor were used once before, by John of Houston Texas, who recently completed a flight around the world in his Cessna 210. John was kind enough to let us utilize his long range tanks for our trip.
Todd Kaplan Todd, a professional photographer, was here on departure day to document the event. His terrific pictures are on the leg 1 page.
Pascal Landi Pascal is our website creator and webmaster. His hard work will keep us in touch with our friends and family at home.
Michel Landi Michel, a professional graphic artist as well as Pascal's father, took time from his busy workday to improve the layout of the main page, particularly the banner and logo.
Myron Olsen Getting our aircraft ready for the flight and installing the long range tanks is Myron Olsen of O & N aviation in Factoryville PA.
Steve Pellettiere A professional meteorologist, President of I*ON Weather, Inc., and a friend of more than 30 years, Steve spent countless hours helping us with the numerous weather issues involved. His help has been invaluable during the planning phase of this flight, allowing us to find a safe route. His contribution will be just as important during the flight by getting us weather information and advice to complement local weather services.
Mark Seeman Mark took great pictures of the aircraft in flight. His business, Capitol Aerials, does just that: Great aerial photography.

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